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"The Duluth Model" Coordinated Community Response Wins Prestigious International Prize for Best Policy Award Worldwide

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We asked Jennifer Meckna from the Douglas County Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit (DVPU) to share a success story of how they collaborate with other agencies to hold offenders accountable.  Click here to read the story.



DVC Community Safety Assessment launched Oct. 16, 2013

The DVC launched an international best practice called Safety Assessment by Praxis International, to assess the initial crisis response of our community partners in the Omaha and Douglas County area.  From 911, patrol response, protection orders through victim advocacy, this assessment is a systematic method of analyzing how victim safety and offender accountability are or are not incorporated into the daily work routines of practitioners. It is an inquiry into the institutional response to these crimes:  how we are organized and coordinated to think about and act on individual cases.

Many new policies and protocols were implemented over the years, now it’s time to take stock and see how we’re doing in a detailed way.  However, this is not a performance review tool and does not assess individual effectiveness.  It’s a great tool to help unite all of us to end abuse because we have to move forward with the assumptions that all workers really do care and want to do what’s right for victims and offenders, but often it’s the way the work is organized or policies that need updating that get in workers’ way to really helping people.  We all have to agree we can always do better.

This assessment will span twelve to eighteen months, the assessment team will do various activities such as mapping the case process, collecting data then analyzing it, generating and articulating to our partners our findings, then begin work on implementing the recommendations.

To hear team participants from St. Paul, MN and learn the basics of this work, go to http://www.praxisinternational.org/praxis_video_event_recordings.aspx



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